Cultural Presentations

The Japan Information Center (JIC) provides members of its staff free of charge to deliver presentations about Japan and Japanese culture to schools and community groups during our regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:15 - 5:00 PM). Our staff can visit area schools or groups, or welcome visitors from anywhere in our ten-state jurisdiction. Please refer to our pamplet for more information on school visits.

If you have any questions or would like to receive detailed information about our presentations, please contact the JIC office.

Program Overview

What We Can Do

The main components of most presentations are a talk and slideshow illustrating aspects of Japanese culture (e.g. food, housing, holidays, religion, arts). Presentations may also include...
  • videos on various topics
  • cultural demonstrations such as music, calligraphy, origami , or kendo (Japanese sword fighting)
  • audience members' names written in Japanese
  • Japanese items such as clothes, toys, and instruments for display
  • origami paper and other novelties to keep
  • learning simple Japanese phrases with a native Japanese speaker
  • maps, posters, and pamphlets for your classroom or venue (see list of materials )

If You Visit the JIC

In addition to sending speakers to schools and groups, we welcome visits to our office. We offer the same presentation opportunities and resources as above, plus:
  • a full-size replica tea house
  • large-screen projection video
  • various pieces of art and artifacts on display
  • a lending library

Guidelines and Restrictions

The following guidelines and restrictions apply to all culture presentations:
  • We cannot travel more than 60 miles from our office in downtown Chicago.
  • Due to our office hours, all sessions must begin at 10:00 am or later and end by 4:00 pm or earlier (depending on travel times).
  • Any materials not currently available from the JIC must be provided by the requesting organization.
  • All visits to the JIC are limited to 60 people.

Arrange a Visit

If your organization would like to visit the JIC or if you would like to have members of our staff visit your location for a cultural presentation, please email us at the JIC to begin the process of planning necessary arrangements.